for the love of nike

Bean-lieve it

Today, my friend Paige and I played tourists and headed downtown with cameras around our necks to get some shots of the Chicago Bean.
If you’ve never see it, you need to.
I plan to have an exact replica of it built and put in my backyard someday when I’m older.

Over the course of living in Chicago, I have taken numerous pictures of the bean-
so this go round, I wanted to get a different type of photo out of our excursion.
This is what I like to call a sloppy photo. (one of my favorite types of pictures)
The blurrier the better. The shapes and organic nature of lights, darks, and reflections have a beauty that is easily overlooked.
The less clear and more abstract an image becomes- the more beautiful it can be for what each person brings to the photo through their own interpretation.

I adore that in some of the shadows I see monsters and skulls.
What do you see?
Chicago Bean Nike

Chicago Bean NIke

Chicago Bean Nike

Chicago Bean Nike

Chicago Bean Nike Time


  1. polkstreetandmore

    I saw The Bean in person about six weeks ago. LOVED it! I think I appreciated it even more when I got home & saw my photos. Amazing design & the reflections are unexpected & stunning! And cool!
    Very fun of you to sightsee in your own city. Very cool pics. Thx for the great post!

  2. princessrainbowflower

    The Bean is crazy?! Isn’t it?! I’m so glad you got to see it!
    I love Chicago- and I feel like everyday I’m going sight seeing.
    I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the pictures! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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