for the love of nike


  1. I love, love, love your use of disposable cameras. I used one in Paris & Berlin and am just waiting for the film to be developed. I love the quality of the pictures and the pressures it puts on you as the photographer. I’ve heard them called the Polaroids for our generation.

    Do you have a favorite brand? Or cheap recommendations? I just hate paying for film…

    • jennifermdarling

      I am with you completely! It makes the idea behind your photograph and how you’ll achieve it completely turn on its head.
      When I’m shooting with my Canon- I have to put thought into the technical aspect of it as well.
      With a camera as simple as a disposable one (I usually get the HD ones by the way) there is a completely different spirit and nature to the photo.
      I’m a huge fan of keeping things interesting by changing it up.
      I hope you share your pictures from your trip! I’m really interested to see them.

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