for the love of nike

the rollerblading nerd

working out in the winter-- Nike

working out in the winter-- Nike

working out in the winter-- Nike

So I think we all fight a little bit of boredom during our workouts. Am I right?
It’s nice to have something to keep your mind focused on while you do your thing.
Music only keeps my mind occupied for fifteen minutes or so before I start getting bored.
And then I found the TED app on my phone. If you don’t know what TED is, check it out!
It’s an online collection of some of the most interesting seminars you’ve ever heard.
Now when I rollerblade I get to learn! (I don’t think I’ve ever sounded like a bigger nerd before in my life.)
That’s right. I rollerblade and I love adding new wrinkles to my brain.
Feel free to laugh at me because I would probably laugh at me if I weren’t me. (That was sorta confusing / dumb to say.)

Anyways. I love to keep warm with my Nike and Carhartt gear.
Like your mom told you: layer, layer, layer! and add argyle socks when you can.


  1. Love TED! I can’t listen to anything but upbeat music when I’m working out though. My husban, however, he’s like you and that’s all he listens to on his runs! (See you’re not the only one)

  2. Love TED and had no idea they had a phone app – thanks for the tip – and now I’ll go from singing in public while running to laughing at lectures while running…good trade. p.s. thanks for following!

  3. OMG! how ironic, I’ve never heard of TED until last week I got an E-mail from the coordinator asking me to photograph the event they are holding in Baltimore in January! I looked it up and it seemed cool now im super excited to know that its legit lol

  4. I have the TED app on my phone too and although I love TED I never really use it (especially not nearly as much as my Instagram and Pixlr apps) This is such a great idea to actually listen to the seminars while going for a run.


    *Lastly, if anyone has never been to a TED convention, you MUST GO! It’s money well spent. #TeamTEDxSoCaL

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