for the love of nike

happy birthweek!

for the love of Nike / 27th Birthdayfor the love of Nike / 27th Birthdayfor the love of Nike / 27th Birthdayfor the love of Nike / 27th Birthdayfor the love of Nike / 27th Birthday

I’m big on birthdays. I mean big. I’m not sure why. It’s not like I hope for huge mind-blowing presents or anything like that. It’s just so exciting to have a day where everyone congratulates you for being born and hanging around for another year. I also like dragging the special days out for as long as possible– to milk it for all it’s worth. It only comes once a year after all.
Now my birthday is in August, so this post is pretty late. But it was action packed and covered in NIkes. So bette late than never.

August 25th– 
drinks at The Wit on the rooftop terrace. 
dinner at Butterfly Sushi Bar
Nothing beats raw fish and great views. 

August 27th– 
Arcade Fire concert with Devo as the opening act
This was my 2nd time to see Arcade Fire. They are very entertaining, not to mention, Devo was running about too. 

August 29th– 
The Field Museum exhibition on the 1893 World Fair held in Chicago and Egypt 
I love this museum. It’s big and beautiful and filled with tons of great goodies. The exhibit on The World Fair was interesting. What a sight it must have been back in the day. Also, an Egyptian tomb was transferred all the way to Chicago and now stands on display in the grand room. You can walk around it and even climb up into it. 

August 30th– 
Seadog Extreme Thrill Ride on Lake Michigan 
Now this was fun! Imagine a giant speed boat looping around, with the city as your backdrop. Be prepared to get soaked. 

August 31st– 
Oddball Comedy Fest at Tinley Park 
Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Bill Burr, Chris Hardwick, Jim Jefferies, and Hannibal Buress performed and I laughed my face off. 


  1. Belated Happy Birthday!!! I’m also big on this so I’m glad I’m not alone. We have a rule in our house that you can chose to do whatever you want with no arguments or objections (so, for example, if I want to window shop for ten hours my husband can’t moan!) and pretty much Lord it over everyone for a whole day! Mines in November and I can. not. wait!

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