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It feels like it has been way too long since my last post, so I thought I’d catch y’all up on the comings and goings of this sneakerhead. Nike, Nike, Nike everywhere!
A group of friends and I recently took a limo to the premiere of Insurgent. If you guys are familiar with my other blog, Crafted in Carhartt, you know how much I love girl power. Veronica Roth, writer of the hit series, is a champion of female heroes– making her a hero as well. Check out the movies and the books if you haven’t already. It’s also really great to see sweeping Chicago scenes on the big screen.
sneaker life / for the love of nike
I’ve always been a big proponent of exploring cities, even the one where you live. Take a 5 mile hike and learn something new, find someplace different, and catch some rays. One of my favorite things about walking along Lake Michigan is people watching. When it finally warms up, the weirdos (myself included) come out to play!
sneaker life / for the love of nike
I got to see TV on the Radio at Metro Theater. If you don’t know much about them, watch this music video, ’cause they’re awesome. They’ve been around for a while (since I was in middle school, not that it matters). Any band who puts out a song entitled OK Calculator is probably worth a listen.  (Radiohead forever!)
sneaker life / for the love of nike
Going to see good stand up is one of my favorite things to do. You leave so happy and your face hurts from all the laughing. First, I saw Anthony Jeselnik at The Vic. Admittedly, his stuff isn’t for the weak stomached. He’s hilarious and more than irreverent, if that’s even a thing. Then I saw Moshe Kasher at Second City. He too, is hilarious and more energetic than I remembered, but a blast to watch perform.
sneaker life / for the love of nike I found myself back at Metro Theater in Chicago to see Twin Shadow. He’s amazingly talented and I always love a good light show. If you don’t know him, watch this video (which happens to be a little like the TV on the Radio video link above). sneaker life / for the love of nike Then I took a trip to Pittsburgh to see my beloved Alt-J at The Benedum, and they did not disappoint. Gee-golly-whiz I love them, and you don’t need to waste your time telling me how overrated you think they are. I officially don’t care. Watch this gorgeous video (but if you don’t want to see any butts, maybe don’t watch it). sneaker life / for the love of nike

and now… on to more adventures! xoxo


  1. So I just heard of ALT J for the first time last night on an NPR program I’ve never listened to before and absolutely loved their sound!! I’m sure it was amazing live!!!

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