for the love of nike

Nike Shoe Rack

girl behind Nike shoe rack

me and my Nike rack

Nikes on display

Nike on display

Today was a nice day- turned on a mellow mix of Radiohead and set to work building four Ikea selves for extra storage space in my apartment.
I like to call my apartment a closet because that’s basically what it is due to its size and what’s in it.
Those new bookshelves I built today were all for clothes and shoes to be stored in (despite the fact that I have 2 large walk-in closets already).
Much of my clothing hoard is due to my love affair with Nike. I’m addicted, what can I say?
These pictures are a peek into my hard day’s work and my celebration afterward.
(Yes it was hard! Those shelves must be almost as heavy as I am! Okay. I might be exaggerating that a little.)
…and too bad this is only a small fraction of my shoe collection.


  1. princessrainbowflower

    I really like these shelves. I have 6 of them in my apartment.
    3 large and 3 skinny ones. They are great shelves. Expidit from Ikea.
    Y’all will enjoy them!

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