Neutrals and Nikes

nikes in Chicago

neutrals and nike

Nikes on the river

water taxis do exist!

It’s an overcast day here in Chicago.
When picking out my clothes, I often choose them based off my mood.
So it makes sense that I wore basically all neutrals to fit in with the weather.

I paired my gold Nikes with linen pants and a sweater from Ann Taylor Loft and a Lacoste sweater.
The bag is my Dad’s old call bag from the late 70s-early 80s.

The last picture in this series is proof that water taxis do exist!
I’m from a small city in Texas, so even the idea of cabs being everywhere is strange to me.
When I first moved to Chicago, I heard a friend talking about taking the water taxi- and I honestly thought it was as joke.
But here’s the proof- they are quite real.