for the love of nike

Chicago Botanical Garden

Recently I have been thinking a lot about the Tatum print Liberty Nike Blazer. It’s my favorite pattern in the summer 2011 collection.
This in turn got me thinking about pattern. I am a pattern-o-holic.  The more patterns in an outfit, the better.
Where do you think the designers of the Liberty 2011 Nike line found inspiration?

Liberty of London Nikes summer 2011I’ve been on some plant identifying websites trying to figure out which flower is on the Tatum Liberty Nikes.
To me, it looks most like a Reiger’s Begonia.
For all I know I could be really off base with that guess.
If any of you guys know what flower it is, I’d be glad to hear from you.

After visiting the Chicago Botanical Gardens this past weekend, I can’t stop thinking about how patterns are created by people and by nature.
Every new plant, from flower to leaf to branch, I saw was so inspiring that I wanted to see what they looked like on a shoe as a pattern.
So take a look at the bits of nature that I found inspiring and the shoe that resulted.

alien blossom

Nike with flowers

I like to call the flower pictured above the Alien Blossom.
The color is unreal.

green leaf and sun

leaf on a Nike

This leaf was huge! I dare say, it was bigger than the upper half of my body.
I really love this pattern on the shoe.
It’s practically indiscernible unless you already knew what it was.

tree limbs

Nike Blazer in branches

These branches were so breathtaking with the sun coming through them.
I love the pattern reversed out on the shoe. It reminds me of a composition notebook.

trees reflecting on water

crazy print on Nike

Underneath the branches, there was a small fountain.
Above is the reflection from the branches on the water. creepy and oddly beautiful.
Check out the marbled effect it makes on the shoes.


  1. Caitlin

    My favorite pair from this year is the red soled Dunks. If I can find a pair I will be ecstatic. I’m not sure if Liberty always uses real flowers for their inspiration. I see the begonia similarities, but in my mind that classic print is roses.

    I love the photos layered onto the shoes. It reminds me of a place in Venice Beach, The Ave, that screens onto Chuck Taylors. Not nearly as exciting as Nikes but a creative opportunity nonetheless.

  2. princessrainbowflower

    Hey Caitlin!
    Those red soled dunks are really cool. Have they released already?
    Gosh. I wish the shoes were even just a bit more accessible.
    I was looking at the print- and you may be right about the roses. Their shape is very much like an unfolded rose.

    I’m so glad you like the shoes.
    And I googled the place you were talking about in Venice Beach.
    Is it called The Ave Venice? They’re stuff is pretty awesome.
    Nike needs to do that! Can you imagine!? That would be so awesome.
    Thanks so much for the comment. Very interesting!

    • princessrainbowflower

      AL! you need some rest!
      but obviously I’m not sleeping right now either. whoops!
      I’m glad you like the post, ya crazy 🙂

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