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Tatum Print Mid Blazers- Nike Liberty 2011 Collection RELEASES TOMORROW!!!!!

Nike out of reach

The Tatum Print Mid Blazer, Nike Liberty 2011 Collection release tomorrow at 10am London time! (that means 4am for those of you in my neck of the woods- US central)
I’ll be waking up at 3:45 (or staying up till then) to do everything I can to order a pair.

guhh!  I feel like these shoes are so close…and still so out of reach.
The stock available online is extremely limited, so they go quick.

Here’s to hoping!
If you’re trying to get a pair and are successful- let me know! I’d love to hear from you or see pictures.
Good luck everyone!

Here’s a look at the whole collection: Liberty Nikes
beautiful, beautiful shoes!


      • bammin

        lol, yes they are, i would never suggest fake kicks it goes against being a true sneakerhead, the reason they are up so early is because they are made in asia and the store is asian based, but if you dont believe me, just go to and get the site legit checked, shipping is a pretty penny though about 25-35, i would say though that these are pretty nice and worth it, as always i am on flickr- eradicate boredom , hit me up sometime and let me know how the hunt for the libertys go

  1. princessrainbowflower

    thank you so much for the help- and I’ll keep you updated on my search.
    I just added you on flickr, great pictures! I enjoyed looking through them.

  2. jelani Pomell

    Yo! Just bought a pair of these for my girlfriend from Japan. I live in London and these shoes are oh so dope!!!!!

    • princessrainbowflower

      aren’t they great shoes?! I think mid or low comes down to a personal preference.
      In the summer- it’s easier to wear the low since they aren’t as hot.
      but the mids just look so cool!
      good luck with it! Let me know how it goes!

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