DIY- dye and old dress

I had a white dress that I really loved- but I was getting tired of it being white. I figured it was time to do something to it, either sew something on it or change the color. (In college I took a few fabric classes- so I’m always looking for fabric to sew or  alter in some way.)
I decided to dye the dress and since there is more blue in my Nike collection than any other color, it seemed like the most versatile option.

I dyed the dress in my kitchen sink, a light turquoise and a darker blue. When I dyed with the turquoise, I didn’t tie up the dress at all. I wanted it to be the base color. I let it dry and then put the dress in the dark blue, tied it up with string so that more of the turquoise would show through. Check out the result!

dress dye

Nike 6.0 blueNike 6.0 blue

Nike 6.0 blue

I’m wearing the dress here with a pair of 6.0s that I love!
They are Nike 6.0 Dunk Low SE. It’s a really interesting texture. I’m used to seeing this style with a canvas material. However, the burlap on these shoes is really unique.