DIY: hoodie with triangle pockets

DIY how to sew a hoodie
DIY how to make a hoodie
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DIY how to make a hoodie with appliques
DIY how to make triangle pockets

The other night when I couldn’t sleep, I decided to be productive.
I’ve had this plaid fabric for a while, and I’ve been waiting to use it for something.
What better than making a hoodie?

It’s pretty easy.
Frist I just folded over a piece of fabric so that it’s a long rectangle.
Then I cut a neck hole in the center.
After that, make slanted cuts into the sides and sew them shut (except for where the arm holes are).
Then cut a piece of fabric in the shape of a hood and attach it to the back side of the neck hole.
Later, I cut out triangles.
I attached two of them on the back as appliques, and two on the front as pockets.

Just a few simple steps and you have an inexpensive, fun top.
Throw it on with some skinny jeans and some Nike high tops and you have a great, funky outfit.