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DIY: hoodie with triangle pockets

DIY how to sew a hoodie

DIY how to make a top

DIY how to make a hoodie

DIY how to make a hoodie with pockets

Nike high tops

DIY how to make a hoodie with appliques

DIY how to make triangle pockets

The other night when I couldn’t sleep, I decided to be productive.
I’ve had this plaid fabric for a while, and I’ve been waiting to use it for something.
What better than making a hoodie?

It’s pretty easy.
Frist I just folded over a piece of fabric so that it’s a long rectangle.
Then I cut a neck hole in the center.
After that, make slanted cuts into the sides and sew them shut (except for where the arm holes are).
Then cut a piece of fabric in the shape of a hood and attach it to the back side of the neck hole.
Later, I cut out triangles.
I attached two of them on the back as appliques, and two on the front as pockets.

Just a few simple steps and you have an inexpensive, fun top.
Throw it on with some skinny jeans and some Nike high tops and you have a great, funky outfit.


    • Serena

      Your welcome 🙂 Your blog is the best its so creative an well epic lol

      Have you made other types of clothing like your hoodie before?

  1. princessrainbowflower

    I just wanted to say thanks to all y’all stopping by the blog on this post.
    800 hits since yesterday!
    hope y’all enjoy!

  2. I love this ieda… and so easy sew project… I am brainstorming something here. How about using scarves you no longer use as accessories. Using an extra large square scarf as the body of the garment and then usingin smaller scarves as accents. All you really need to do is pick out several smaller scarves in an accent color family of the main “body” scarf. I would imagine that when you finish, you have a one of a kind boho chic “topper”. And yes… I would suggest you wear it with skinny jeans but I would also suggest you wear a turtleneck under the “Scarf Hoodie” because most scarves are made out of a silk or silk blend or either a rayon blend so it would be too flimsy for a primary top. So glad to know that says that turtlenecks are in… And so glad to figure out someting new to do with a scarf. Look out Ebay… I’m coming to bid on some scarves.
    Thanks so much for the idea… I will try it myself but with the scarf twist.

    • jennifermdarling

      Your idea sounds fantastic! You should definitely do it!!!! Take pictures and share it cause I’d love to see the end result!

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