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Crossroads Exhibition

So last Friday night, the opening night of the Crossroads exhibit was at RGB Lounge in Chicago.
This was something I’ve been collaborating on  for the past few months.
Maria Scileppi was the mastermind behind it all.
On Black Friday, she tracked a group of about 40 people as they moved about the city.
With the resulting data, she plotted out everyones’ movements over the course of the day.
It was awesome to see how peoples’ tracks crossed.

opening night

RGB Lounge

Here’s the window display for the show that night that I was in charge of:
Hundreds and hundreds of paper chains that represented the data tracks.
It was so fun and made me feel so young!
I also photographed all the participants, and over-layed their data on top of their portraits.
Working on this project was so fun- it felt very alive.

by Maria

Here’s a sample of the data after it’s been all plotted out.
Pretty cool, huh? You can totally tell that’s Chicago!

by Maria

by Maria

RGB Lounge

paper chains

paper chains

paper chains

paper chains

art exhibit

art and Nikes!

RGB Lounge

social game

This was a social game we played at the show.
When people came in, they had to answer what their fear or desire was.
Then their answer was made into a button that they wore all night and a peg to be put up on the wall.
It was really interesting to see which question people answered and what their answer was.
(I went with what my fear is… rebar. That stuff scares the heck out of me!)

color blocking

pencil skirt

wonder woman

Sally Hansen nails

Pictured above is the outfit I wore to the opening.
I think I was channeling my inner Wonder Woman with the red and blue.
Check out my nails!
I did that with Sally Hansen nail polish strips.
I really love them!


  1. What an amazing project. I would love to have seen it up close and personal. And the social game is intriguing. I may have to try that one sometime. Considering the great outcome of the project, I would say channeling your inner Wonder Woman was perfect! Thanks for posting so I could enjoy the experience vicariously!

    • jennifermdarling

      Thank you so much! The game was really fun and it got people talking.
      It’s nice to have a game or something to do when you’re at an art opening.
      It draws people together and gets them involved.

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