for the love of nike

handle with love

Nike care

Nike care

I’m finally moving into a new apartment!
For the past two years I’ve lived in a studio.
(and when you have as many sneakers as I do,
that means you live in a giant closet– with bookshelves filled with shoes!!)
Don’t worry! I’m not leaving Chicago.
It’s just time for bigger and better things!
Here we go!!!!!!!


  1. oh jeez! I am full of boxes around too! just wanted to say I saw a nice pair of nike in a shop and I was determined to buy them soon. then I checked internet.. and found out they are for men 😦 and this is not that bad -cause I could wear them I don’t care, but they are for indoor football 😦 😦 😦 so.. don’t think I’ll buy… but they are gorgeous…orange… ufff

      • 🙂 yes..I also talked with my brother about them,and he said indeed I can wear them out,no problem,but he said they are totally uncomfortable.. 😦 being made for playing football,they kind of keep your leg fixed-obviously- so that you don’t have problems while playing,so for sure they are not comfy to wear…

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