for the love of nike

the sneaker wedge– let’s fight about it

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Love them or hate them, sneaker wedges are a current trend. They’ll be around for a bit, so my plan is to buy as many as I can. I think most people may be drawn to the comfort aspect over the visual appeal. Not me, I am so in love with the lift it gives your leg, elongating your silhouette, while still being sporty. But don’t me me wrong, they are tremendously comfortable– and perfect for going out in the city when you’ll be walking a lot.

I realize that most people don’t think the sneaker wedge is visually appealing at all. Isabel Wilkinshon from The Fashion Beast thinks they are “the trickle-down effect of a larger trend that favors ‘ugly-cute,’ an aesthetic that prizes hard-edged masculinity over the prim and proper.” That may very well be the case. What do you think? Is it the tomboyish flare that causes some to love it and some to hate it?

I’m so sick and tired of the modern day foot binding that women put themselves through. Let’s face it, it isn’t good for your feet to wear high stilettos day in and day out. For me, the sneaker wedge let’s me add a little lift to an outfit while still being comfortable. I don’t have to be in pain to be beautiful. What kinda nonsense is that? Seriously. Whoever came up with the idea that it hurts to be beautiful needs to rethink their life. I want to live in a world where beauty has many different faces, but it never comes from pointlessly torturing yourself. Get with it already, America. Let’s let beauty come from a place inside ourselves where we know who we are and we’re comfortable and content.

In the photos above, I’m wearing a pair of Nike Dunk Ski Hi’s. I purchased them in Boston at the coolest sneaker shop around, Bodega. (The bright neon dress is from Topshop, necklace from Anthropologie, ring and bracelet from Ann Taylor, and a bracelet engraved with a map of the Chicago train system.) The last photo is a neon light instillation by Tracey Emin that reads, “With you I breathe.” Let’s let our beauty and fashion sense come from a spirit of fun and self-contentment that let’s people relax around us and want to drink in the neon.


  1. I love your whole outfit (down to the nails and makeup!) I actually kind of like the Sneaker wedge, I personally don’t think I could pull it off but I like the idea of it! It’s sporty and feminine at the same time and I definitely agree about how it can elongate the legs! 🙂


  2. torivictoria

    Lovely shoes. The way you describe them makes me want to get around to the shopping centre and get a pair. I’ll do that one of the days.

  3. Jeni Johnson

    Your dress and makeup are amazing! Im def. 2 old 2 pull off the sneaker wedge or those crazy platformed booties and shoes but I say hey, if you can rock it, wear it, right?

  4. originaljerseygirl

    I’ve been on the fence over these for so long, but I think you’ve just tipped me over into wanting (needing!?) a pair! I love high top trainers and heels, so I guess there’s not really anything to dislike about these!?

  5. Thanks for following 🙂 I really like your dress, and to the wedges <3.<3 haha, I really like them, I brought a pair a few months ago they were white though and from river island… when I wear them I try and do a geeky chic look, i'm going to do a post about it soon… I really like these ones though:–boots/high-tops/brown-leopard-print-wedge-high-tops-625790 They arn't Nike or anything but they are quite snazzy and on trend with the animal print 🙂 I also like these:–boots/high-tops/black-hidden-heel-wedge-high-tops-622913 What do you think of them? I think i would have to put some gems, or studs on the to brighten it up, but i like the converse look 🙂 Thanks again 😀

  6. You put together an amazingingly beautiful and visually appealing post here. I’ve never really considered the wedge sneaker as I will admit I’m a 4″ high girl myself (though I will wear my converse) I’m going to check these out as they do look extremely comfortable. Love love your orange dress and the rest of your outfit.

  7. Love your outfit! And I’m actually looking for something comfortable for my feet but it HAS to be stylish:) I like this trend and wearing it with a dress it’s definitely more feminine less sporty. For the past year or so I turned from “strictly stilettos” to ballet pumps all the way. Don’t know if it’s age or what…? I don’t think I’ll be getting these very sneakers as I don’t think it’s me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like others wearing them:):):)

    • I can definitely understand where you’re coming from.
      There’s always room in a wardrobe for some great ballet flats!
      I’m with you though, where ever you find something comfortable to fit into your wardrobe, it needs to be stylish.

  8. Yas

    Gotta love the vibrancy of this outfit! 😀
    And I agree with your point of view regarding beauty. It’s always been my belief that true beauty comes with being and taking care of one’s self. 🙂

  9. I have just stumbled across your blog, and I must say it is awesome!! Stunning photos!! I’ve always been a lover of nikes, and my sister is as addicted as you.. Having always favoured high heels in life, I jumped straight onto the wedge trainer trend! Its perfect for me, I think feet look cuter smaller, so getting that extra elevation makes them look dinky 😉 They’re funky and soooo comfy, and great for me when I do the school run!!

    Have you seen the purple liberty nikes?? Im sure I will explore your blog some more and find you already have them! But if you dont.. check them out! They are to DIE for.. also Nike have just released a new colourway, will be getting those on my blog this week too!! High 5 to your hidden heel Nike love!! 😉

  10. morningtear

    I really like this post! Especially the part about pain=beauty in our society! My fiance often asks me whether there are any female shoes that do not give you blisters and painful feet. He had never thought about getting blisters from shoes so often before he started living with me! It’s madness really…

  11. 1. “I don’t have to be in pain to be beautiful. What kinda nonsense is that?
    Seriously. Whoever came up with the idea that it hurts to be beautiful needs to rethink their life.”
    YESSSSSSSS!!! So right!
    2. I love this combination of the neon orange dress and grey sneakers.
    3. I had never contemplated it before but now I WANT SOME SNEAKER WEDGES!!!!!
    4. I love your blog it’s so original but still entertaining and aesthetically pleasing 😛
    5. Thanks for following my blog. 🙂

  12. Love your nails, and those great wedge shoes! I won’t reveal my age, but you can check my picture. I have to wear Easy Spirit shoes, but love wearing neon chartreuse and neon orange. And wish I could wear those wonderful high-wedge sneaker shoes. .

  13. thegoldenjournalblog

    Love the photos! great styling! also… about the hounds tooth nail art did u get it done or did u do it urself? i LOVE it!

  14. Very cool and the 1st time i’ve seen them. It reminds me of the Manolo timberland fusion. Whether it is cool or not is totally a question of taste and how it looks on the wearer. I love the Vashti Kola look, it’s easy for girls to look sexy with a skate board style but if you wanna mix it up that works too. Naturally some combinations work and some don’t like when girls started wearing doc martins with dresses. It can look very cool but not every girl knows how to pull off a tank girl.

  15. Love the houndstooth nails! I am a big fan of Jeremy Scott’s Adidas ObyO. He does this bowling shoe high heeled wedge that I’m rather enamored by. Brings a little color to your every day wardrobe or to that fringed LBD. Love it!

  16. I love seeing sneakers with a dress, especially since I am restricted to orthotic-friendly shoes. Thanks for having the courage, and panache, to display them together. Thanks for following my blog, too! Fashion boundaries are there to be breached 🙂

  17. Love this post! I love that the sneaker wedge is comfortable and dresses down outfits that are too pretty! I have an Asos Black but am waiting for the Nike’s to be back in stock! I do hope that this trend sticks around. Living in London I am always walking everywhere so usually have to wear flats and swap into heels… this allows me to not have to lug around another bag with my shoes!

    PS. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  18. shoesmaketheman

    What’s to fight about? Sneaker wedges are cool. Almost as cool as gumboot wedges! If it were socially acceptable, I’d be adding them to my collection.

  19. Totally loved the sneaker rebellion. Just as some fashionistas think current footwear is too masculine, I sure do wish they offered these fun-type shoes for men. Secretly, I’m gonna buy a pair or two and sport them around the house! Why should guys get left out of all the great colors and styles? Loved the blog and loved the shoes!

  20. Totally love the sneaker rebellion. Just as some fashionistas kavetch over the masculine look of women’s shoes, I don’t understand why men are left out of all the great colors and styles that come only in women’s sizes. Secretly, I’m gonna buy a pair or two and sport them about the house! Loved the blog!

  21. Thanks for liking my post!
    Well I’m terribly uncoordinated (apart from when I’m dancing, which is odd) and these are one of the few types of heels I can actualy walk in. Plus, my style is rather ‘pretty in punk’ so chunky but feminine trainers are a nice change from big kick-ass black boots!

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