for the love of nike

wild & precious, crazy orange life

Nike Texas to Albany Nike Texas to Albany Nike Texas to Albany Nike Texas to Albany Nike Texas to Albany Nike Texas to Albany

Precious, Wild Life

Here are a couple of photos from Albany all the way to Texas with bright orange dreams and stuff.
So really, tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one precious and wild life?
travel? work? create? have fun? see things differently? sit in a pile of leaves?
life’s short. just do it already.


  1. I think my answer to your question is all of the above! Travel, work, create, have fun, see things differently, AND sit in a pile of leaves. Sometimes I love seeing the world in all its beauty and sometimes I love just lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling. I think there’s time for both… 🙂

  2. emilyannfrances

    The shades of red are very becoming on you. I want to live my life in the flow of things. Meaning be open to growth and improvement of all the gifts I’ve been blessed with. Flow is everything. It’s life with ups and downs. Getting stuck and not flowing means slowly drying up, a kind of death in life.

  3. Anna Scott Graham

    Love these shots! (I love Nike shoes too, heh heh…)

    As for my lovely occasionally orange life… I’m a writing fool, a little obsessed with watching the hummingbirds that fly outside my window, often fighting over the feeder. I adore walking along the ocean, listening to the roar of waves, or whatever music is pumping in my head in the earbud not facing the water.

    And I really love hanging out with my kids; all are now in their 20s, jeez, how did that happen? One has a basset-beagle mix, sort of the grandchild of the moment (a grand-basset she’s called).

    Thanks for following my blog! 🙂 A blessed orange Nike day to you.

  4. Steven

    I love the picture of Albany, its one of my favorite capital cities in the Northeast. I went there last year in April nice place to visit to say the least.

    I love your red outfit and that belt looks very cute on you!

    Publisher A Puzzling View on Relationships

  5. Reblogged this on David Emeron: Reflections upon Reflections and commented:
    Gracious me! I do remember my first pair of Nikes! Sometime in the late 19708ies I believe it was. The lightweight, light blue, track style variety, were they–the ones with the square cleats if any one should remember.
    I remember well from that first moment upon wearing them how, for the first time in my life, my feet felt as light as air.

      • I have been a bit ill lately and am behind on my writing. I thought to catch up on comments as a way to get used to the idea once again! I noticed this comment of yours which made me smile and remember my first Nike’s once again! I’m sorry I missed this comment and failed to answer it more promptly.

  6. I LOVe OrANGE !! Funny how I am so drawn to the COLOR- I love sunny colors and a zest for TRAVEL and LIFE !! Looking forward to reading more of your posts and seeing your images !!

  7. I LOVE ORANGe !! All things ORANGE- sunny orange-deep orange of AUTUMN,, and even FOODS- ORANGES- Spicy Pumpkin-
    You are a gal full of LIFE-and LIGht !! Looking forward to following your POStS!! 2013 is going to a YEAR of FUN-WORK-TRAVEL and Photographing everything !! Surround yourself with SUNSHINE and keep sharing your CREATIVE SIDE !! Thanks for the FOLLOW !!

  8. I plan to keep doing everything I possibly can that excites me. My main problem is that because of a disabling condition, I can no longer travel and explore to the extent I would wish. But hey, I’m still laughing. Laughter and love are the most important things on earth! Thank you so much for following my blog. I’m now following yours. Incidentally, you look amazing in those photos and the building shots are beautiful.

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