for the love of nike

uno, dos, tres años!

for the love of nike, happy 3 year anniversary

for the love of nike, happy 3 year anniversary

for the love of nike, happy 3 year anniversary

I’m the type of person who is notoriously bad at remembering dates.
Thank goodness for technology that does the remembering for me.
Wordpress reminded me this morning that today marks the 3rd year of fortheloveofnike.
One thousand and ninety five days ago, I started this blog for fun.
After 422 posts and 7,016 of the coolest followers around,
it’s undeniable how much I love sharing bits and pieces of my photos, art, travels, and thoughts with all of you.
Thanks for being there with me through the crazy posts, the pointless posts, and for all the interactions we’ve had.
Y’all rock. Here’s to another 3 years!

The pictures above are of a photo transfer I made on a piece of wood.
I added in a few stokes with acrylic paint to make some colors pop.
Hope you like it!


  1. Great idea, beautiful frame.
    Funny, since I m following your blog, I be tried many bikes, including the Paris and New York ( with heal). Really does not “feet” me.
    But bought Nike air for running.
    Congratulation for your 3 years…Nike should reward you for the publicity you make!

  2. Hello! Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog. I have to confess I took a peak at your other blog Crafted in Carhartt and truly felt inspired. Keep up the empowermenting. 😉

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