for the love of nike

little lion puppy

a kid and her Nikes happiness is a dog and a lollipop

Cancer. It’s a cruel enemy to the sweetest of beings. This is Orfeo, my family’s dog. He was only with us for seven years. They went by so quick– and it still feels like they were a lifetime ago. He was a puppy. I was a kid.
He used to chew on my rollerblades, and I would get so mad. I’d give him all the rollerblades in the world for chew toys now, just so we could have him back again. He was sweet, loving, stubborn, funny, smart, and patient. He thought he could bite water. He loved sitting outside watching thunderstorms roll in. He was the king of the backyard. He tolerated me covering his fur in flowers every time we went for walks. He had the prettiest fur, very royal and lion-like.
His body deteriorated. You could see the same sweet puppy dog eyes hiding behind a sagging brow. Such a heartbreaking dichotomy, that youth and spirt ravaged by sickness. I’ll love you forever, Orfie. These are the memories I will cherish of you. I hope you’re surrounded by a million cows to bark at now, you little corgi cow dog mutt of my dreams. We were so lucky to have you in our lives.


  1. Sorry to hear. I’m a great dog lover. M’lady and I have done a charity walk for pet cancer here in Denver the last two years in a row. It’s great to walk around a park with at least a hundred dogs. Pet cancer apparently gets around. Dogs are family. Hang in there.

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