Happy 5th WordPress-iversary to Me!

Happy 5th Wordpess Birthday, for the love of nike!

Five years ago today, I started this blog. I was new to Chicago and looking for a way to vent my creative side. This new place was a whirlwind to me as a small town Texan. I was 23 and my friends called me baby Jenny, mostly due to my naïveté as a doe eyed girl in the windy city, donning sneakers, skirts, and too many patterns.

It’s funny to look back at my posts from then till now. A good part of this morning was dedicated to laughing at my old Nike photos. I never knew how much a person could change in their 20s—until I sat back and watched that silly younger version of myself fly across these wordpress pages. All I can do is smile when I remember sharing those sentiments, and laugh when I see things I don’t recall sharing at all.

Here are a few of my favorites from the archives:

Happy 5th Wordpess Birthday, for the love of nike!

To quote my background page, “I’ve been a sneakerhead as long as I can remember. My soles have been leaving Nike imprints since my childhood, into my teens, and are now leading me through my 20’s. Honestly, I know Nike will always be a part of my life. I bet I’ll even get married in a pair some day.”

Well that day has come and gone. This year, I got married to the most amazing man (who puts up with my endless sneaker closet clutter and picture snapping). Here’s a sneak peak of our wedding day. I’ll be sharing more photos soon—so stay tuned!

the luckiest sneakerhead around

This photo was taken by Brad and Jen of Q Avenue Photo, who I highly recommend!

A big fat thank you goes out to all of my wordpress followers. It’s been fun connecting with you all this time. Sending you much love and happy sneaker sole vibes. I know it sounds endlessly corny and cliché to say I feel a sense of community here at wordpress, but you know it’s true. There are some folks who I get to talk to almost once a week on the blog. Your words really do make me want to keep creating and sharing.

I owe a lot to for the love of nike. It played a small role in getting me my current job, which involves another wordpress blog—Crafted in Carhartt. Now I get to travel, photograph, create art, and blog for a living. All I can say is find out what you love and do it with abandon, then share it with the world. I chose wordpress to get my photos and art out there. How will you leave your mark?