for the love of nike

close encounters with the slithering kind

Horsetooth Mountain Park, in the foothills of the Front Range, is just west of Fort Collins, Colorado. It’s named for the odd shape of the rocks at the top of the mountain ridges. I guess they kinda look like horse teeth? You tell me.

If you do hike there, be smart. A rattlesnake almost got me on the way back down. Yikes!

Horsetooth Reservoir / for the love of nikeHorsetooth Reservoir / for the love of nikenikehorsetooth3nikehorsetooth4nikehorsetooth5nikehorsetooth6nikehorsetooth8nikehorsetooth9nikehorsetooth10nikehorsetooth11Horsetooth Reservoir / for the love of nike


  1. Until this summer, in my 45+ years in Colorado I’ve only seen a snake 2 or 3 times or so, and I’ve done a bit of hiking and biking during that time. This summer I’ve seen snakes at least 4 or 5 times, mostly bull snakes I think, which mimic rattler’s looks and behavior and will bite, but are non-poisonous. A few weeks ago I finally had a rattler cross my path, about a 3-footer though I didn’t stop to measure. Also several weeks ago they closed the Cottonwood Canyon Trail near Golden, CO because of too many snakes. I still go hiking but I’m more vigilant. It’s always good to watch where you’re walking on outdoor trails anyway what with rocks, roots etc.

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