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No Other City is Quite Like This One

In all the world, 38 cities are named Paris, but we can agree that none can come close to Paris, France. What cities with this name have you been to? I’ve only passed through Paris Texas, where they have their own version of The Eiffel Tower, donning a cowboy hat.

Paris by day / for the love of nikeIs it just me or do macaroons look much better than they taste?
Did you know they are actually an Italian invention?

views from a boat ride on the Seine

Paris by day / for the love of nikeParis by day / for the love of nikeThe Bridge Pont Alexandre III was built between 1896 and 1900. It is fashioned in the Beaux-Arts style. Below, you’ll see the Nymphs who adorn the central arch. And in the photo on the right, just below that, you’ll see the gilded fames that act as counterweights, stabilizing the bridge. Paris by day / for the love of nike

Sacré-Cœur, or Basilica of the Sacred Heart, sits atop the summit of Montmartre. It’s the highest point in all the city, and the second most visited attraction in Paris. The area around the church is funky and filled with art. As a child, I had my portrait drawn in the square. Visiting as a grownup, I marveled at the graffiti and the street performers. I also noted that these artists truly do such a marvelous jobs, scribbling out fairly accurate portrayals of their subjects in just minutes. Paris by day / for the love of nikeParis by day / for the love of nikeParis by day / for the love of nikeParis by day / for the love of nikeParis by day / for the love of nike

I hadn’t realized that there were houseboats permitted on the Seine. Turns out, boats are utilized not only for living, but book stores, night clubs, theaters, and airbnbs. Paris by day / for the love of nikeParis by day / for the love of nikeParis by day / for the love of nikeOn the left, you’ll see the Luxor Obelisk. It was originally located in Egypt, a gift to France from the Ruler of Ottoman Egypt. Can you believe it’s over 3,000 years old?!

a quick stop in to see The Cathedral of Notre Dame Paris by day / for the love of nikeThe famous stained glass windows of Notre Dame were later inspiration for a Halloween costume I designed in college. Paris by day / for the love of nikeand a Nike ad for good measure: Nike Ad in Paris / for the love of nike

I’ve barely scratched the surface of Paris in this post. But as a Texan who’s been much closer to Paris, TX all her life–ain’t it grand?



  1. I Heart Paris. M’lady and I were walking around the Place du Concorde (Luxor Obelisk) one time when a woman came rushing up to me and asked if I had dropped the gold ring she was holding. I said no and we looked around for someone that might have dropped it. She asked me to try it on and I did, but it stuck, for awhile. Then she asked me for a few dollars and said I could keep it. It dawned on us that it was all a sham and a scam with a bras ring, for which we were actually highly amused. I finally got it off and after numerous queries for money from her we were able to break away with no money spent. We stood off to the side for awhile and watched her attempt the process on others. Later someone approached us in another location with a similar scheme. Ha Ha! Fool me once, but not twice!! One must be careful out there!!!

  2. Your photos are stunning! I didn’t know there were that many Parises in the world, really amazing fact. But I do agree, there is no way they could come close to the real deal, and I haven’t even been there.

  3. You’re a Texan? So’s my wife. Next time you find yourself in New Orleans, make your way to our Eiffel Tower on St. Charles Avenue. It was sent to us by the Grench. Ot houses a club and a cafe. A couple of second lines use it as a coming out point.

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