Explore an Ancient Seaport From Home During Quarantine

Oia in Santorini nowadays is known for its sunset views. However, this settlement in the northern hilltops dates back to the early 1200s. It served as one of the city’s major seaports for trading and travel. One of their major exports was wine, which remains the case to this day. In fact, they’ve been producing rosé since the Middle Ages. Santorini’s wine was so sought after, it played a major role in seducing the Ottoman Turks into conquering the area.

As the years passed on, Oia continued to flourish. At one point, this relatively small community boasted 130 sailing ships in the late 1800s. Eventually the invention of the steamship caused the downfall of Oia’s traditional forms of trade, resulting in economic depression for those who lived there. After an earthquake in the 1950s, an already depressed town was primed for rebirth. The area was rebuilt as a tourist destination, and now it’s one of the most desirable locations on the island.

The photo above depicts the most coveted sunset views in all of Santorini. Continue scrolling all the way till the end to see what this spot looks like as the sun dips below the horizon.

Exploring Oia, Santorini / for the love of nike

These are the colors that inspired a 1,000 paint companies to create their own versions of “Santorini Blue.”

Exploring Oia, Santorini / for the love of nike

Exploring Oia, Santorini / for the love of nike

Amoudi Bay from above

If you’re a fan of rocky beaches like me, you’ll love Katharos Beach. It’s a quick hike from the heart of Oia, and fairly secluded. I stuck my feet in the chilly waters and looked for the perfect rocks. Here are a few of my favorites: Exploring Oia, Santorini / for the love of nike

Exploring Oia, Santorini / for the love of nike

Welcome to Amoudi Bay! If you’d like to catch a boat or eat the freshest of seafood, this is the spot for you. The steep hike down (and resulting steep hike back up) are worth every step.

As we walked on the pathway between the fishermen and the restaurants, we stopped in for a quick bite and a giant bottle of Crazy Donkey at Dimitris Ammoudi Taverna. You can’t pass up seafood when it’s that fresh, now can you?

Here it is, as promised! A few stunning images of the sun setting over Oia. Exploring Oia, Santorini / for the love of nike

Stay tuned for more sunset pictures and a hotel that’ll make you start packing your bags.