The Giant Beehive & A Tea House in the Mountains Supplied by Helicopter

Last week, I shared a few photos from my walk around the Lake Louise Lakefront Trail in Banff. Just above those turquoise waters are many more hikes and sights, including the Beehive and Lake Agnes. The Beehive, pictured below, was named by J. Willoughby Astley in 1890, for obvious reasons.

The lake directly below the Beehive is fed by a glacier. Note the striking colors and clarity.

The trail towards Lake Agnes:

Side views of the Beehive:

Further up that same trail, you’ll find the Lake Agnes Tea House. It was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1901 as a refuge for hikers, and named for Lady Agnes MacDonald, the Prime Minister’s wife. To this day, there is still no electricity or running water. Some of the supplies, like flour and sugar, are delivered by helicopter. The the rest is carried up the trail daily by staff.

Despite these unique conditions, you can buy soup, sandwiches, bread, and over 100 different varieties of tea from this family run establishment. The cabin almost continuously casts a reflection across the lake below, and the view from the front porch is unbeatable.

Lake Agnes Reflections:

The Beehive from behind:

The area around Lake Louise is known as The Plain of Six Glaciers. This path has lighter traffic and wide open landscapes. That also means you’re more likely to encounter wildlife like chipmunks, Hoary marmots, mountain goats, and maybe even bears.

Exploring Banff National Park / for the love nike
Exploring Banff National Park / for the love nike

Stay tuned as we discover more sights Banff has to offer.