The Six Commandments

The Six Sneaker Commandments / for the love of nike

So, you want to be
a sneakerhead and
save the world?

First, you’ll have to deny some of the
founding traits of sneaker culture.

Follow these 6 Commandments and you’ll learn how to be a relatively bad sneakerhead from one of the worst.


I don’t have 100’s of pairs of sneakers, nor do I want that many. Don’t flood your life with things you don’t actually need.

No. 2

Just because a sneaker is a limited release doesn’t make it cool. If you like it, you like it. How long you have to wait in line doesn’t affect that.

No. 3

Use the bloody hell out of your sneakers. They will get dirty. They will get scuffed. They will get creased. Get over it. Learn to love your sneakers as much as the day you bought them.

No. 4

As I mentioned above, the more you wear your sneakers, the more they will mean to you. I have a beautiful pair that’s been to nearly 20 countries with me. Think of all the wondrous miles those shoes have seen.

No. 5

When the sad day comes and it’s officially time to retire a pair of beloved sneakers, do it with care. Find a place to recycle them. Do your research.

No. 6

And now, for the grand finale: make your life more green. Expect more from the companies you support. Expect more from yourself.

Have a tenet you think should be added?
Leave a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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