6.0 love forever!

tiles in Wicker Park

tiles in Wicker Park

Recently, my friend Chris and I were talking about why sometimes people think I’m an insane person when I go into specialty sneaker shops.
Chris and a friend of his started up a specialty sneaker shop called Sole Classics in Columbus Ohio  five years ago.
They have since sold it and it’s continuing to do well. You should check the store out here.

Chris brought up some good points that really got me thinking.
Most avid sneaker heads (Nike lovers in particular) are into the more limited edition, hard to come across, and very expensive purchases.
I am so far from this kind of a sneaker head, it makes me laugh.

I feel as though when you get caught up in that side of things, you lose a bit of the heart and soul of why you love sneakers in the first place.
Come on- you know you don’t love wearing sneakers because they were a lot of money and because you and only 3 other people have them.
You love sneakers- and especially Nike for me – because of their design and the spirit behind them.

I almost feel as though I’m writing a cheesy sitcom with a moral at the end of it that makes you roll your eyes.
But I still feel like it’s an important point to make.
Love something because you love it and don’t let your tastes be too easily swayed by supply and demand.
I know it’s really strange for a sneakerhead to be into 6.os, but I’ve never been subject to the rules of the norm, and I don’t plan on being normal anytime soon.