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Mammoths in Texas!

This weekend, I went to a mammoth excavation site in Waco, Texas.
I can’t even begin to explain to you how beautiful the remains were.
Below is a picture of the indoor part of the site.
A few years ago, they stopped the digging process so that people could come in and see the bones where they had been found.
There were only a few of the 26 mammoths found left on the site. The ones that were completely removed are now in the Mayborn Museum for testing.

Below on the left, I’m wearing my burlap Nike 6.0s along with my dad’s hat.
It looks hilarious, I know- but I love that I felt like a cross between an archeologist and a crazy Texan.
Columbian mammoth bones in Texas

Columbian mammoth bones in Texas

How beautiful are these bones!?
The mammoths’ vertebrate are insane.
This particular one was 14 feet tall.
Columbian mammoth bones in Texas


So while the tour guide was pointing out the teeth of the mammoths, my family and I couldn’t help but see the similarities between the texture on the teeth and the sole of a shoe.
The picture below on the left is an adult’s tooth. (of which they only have 4)
If you look closely at the picture below on the right, slightly to the left of my shoes are the jaw and teeth of a baby mammoth. Do they look similar?!

mammoth teeth and Nike soles

mammoth teeth and Nike soles



Here’s a closer image of another baby mammoth’s teeth compared to the bottom of my shoes.
Can you see them there to the right?
Insane. Who knew shoes were good for grinding food?


  1. You repeatedly call those bones ‘beautiful’. How are they ‘beautiful’? As compared to what?

    To me bones can be interesting, intriguing, amazing, significant, etc. etc., but I would never describe them as ‘beautiful’.

    So why do you?

    • jennifermdarling

      That’s a good question. Only one person has really ever asked me that before.
      My dad is a radiologist, so I grew up around xrays all the time. He was constantly giving me lessons and books about bones and other things about the body.
      I guess all that exposure made me see bones and skeletons in a different light.
      To me, bones are this beautiful foundation to our bodies that are so intricate and unique to each person.
      I think you’re right though. They are interesting, amazing, and significant. And to me- that is beautiful.
      They hold my interest and are always fun to look at.
      (by the way- the only person who’s asked me that before is my dad- ironic that the man who made me love bones wondered why I did in the first place)

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