The Blind Leading the Blind

Pieter Bruegel and Fleet Foxes

This may be a weird post- I’m just REALLY, REALLY excited about seeing Fleet Foxes at Pitchfork this month!
I fell head over heals in love with them the moment I saw their album art for their debut album.
The painting they used is by Peter Bruegel called The Topsy Turvy World which depicts many Netherlandish Proverbs.

The reason I geeked out over that painting is because Peter Bruegel painted one of my favorite paintings of all time, The Blind Leading the Blind. (shown above)
Bruegel was a Flemish Renaissance painter and print maker  most noted for his peasant scenes.
He was a pioneer in this realm because most Renaissance paintings were of the upper class.
Bruegel went against decorum and depicted the everyday life of the peasant class, very often in a satirical way.

It brings me so much delight when I see musicians bringing the music world and the image driven world together.
Fleet Foxes are a folk band- so it makes perfect sense that they would use art work done by the folk artist Bruegel.

Also, if you don’t have their latest album, Helplessness Blues, you should think about getting it.
It comes with a poster and the music is great.
Stay tuned- there will be pictures from Pitchfork soon to come!