Lollapalooza is a music festival that’s been going on in Chicago since 1991.
I went this past Friday to hear some great music, including Foster the People, Ratatat, Coldplay, and a bunch of others.
Since most concerts don’t let cameras with detachable lenses in, I usually end up taking disposable cameras.
The problem with disposable cameras is that the film can come off a bit boring.
I decided to do something new and exciting to keep my photos from Lolla fresh.
Check out the Kodak contraption I made with 4 disposable cameras and some houndstooth duck tape.
I hot glued 3 washers to one of the cameras, damaged one of the camera’s lens with a screwdriver, and left the other 2 cameras alone.
Check out the photos below to see how the film turned out!

disposable camera tricks
disposable camera techniques

To walk you through how I edited the film once it was processed, take a look at 2 of the photos I took from 2 different cameras.

The next step I took was to overlay the 2 photos together in Photoshop.
Check out the result below.

disposable camera experiments
photos from Lolla
fashions at Lollapalooza
Nikes at Lolla
Nikes in grass
Lolla photos
nikes and Lolla
Nikes at night
Coldplay in Chicago