art museum day!

giant echo sculpture

Michelangelo reflection

Michelangelo's first painting

shapes at The Modern

shapes at The Modern

Last weekend, I went to The Modern Museum and The Kimbell in Fort Worth.
The first picture is of the echo sculpture outside The Modern.
I want to have one of those in my backyard someday.
The second picture is of a bronze statue and mirror by Michelangelo Pistoletto entitled The Etruscan. Pretty cool hm?
The middle picture is of Michelangelo’s  first painting, The Torment of St. Anthony. (located in The Kimbell)
(In case you didn’t know, I am crazy obsessed with Michelangelo. So it’s a big deal whenever I get to see this painting.)
The last two pictures are of a piece that’s in The Modern by Ellsworth Kelly.
There was a lot of walking this day, so I was glad to by in my sneakers.