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just add a little mustache

just add a little mustachejust add a little mustachejust add a little mustachejust add a little mustachejust add a little mustacheapartment buildingChicago street artChicago street artChicago signsChicago street lights
Today I spent some time in Wicker Park at the Carhartt store on Milwaukee. I was feeling like a nice pop of neon orange and some bright yellows. So I threw on my grey and orange Nike high tops with my crazy mustache man socks from Urban Outfitters. The necklace I’m wearing is from a great little Chicago boutique, Rudy’s Roundup. (part vintage / part craziness) I love this top. It’s from Anthropologie (Pure + Good) and it’s so comfortable to wear. It kinda looks like epidermal cells- which is a big part of why I love it. The floral tank under my shirt is from Urban Outfitters- and I’m really digging it. I can’t to wear it in a million different outfits. The cargo pants I’m wearing are from Express. And check out that Carhartt hat! GO NEON!


  1. I love this blog. I am so inspired to do what I need to do with my own blog and store. You are so cute, inspiring, and talented. Thank you for sharing your photos, thoughts, and again, talent with all! YOU ARE SO ADORABLE! (lol) I sound like a mom! LOL I am 35 – I am sure I am much older, and I can call you cute..

  2. Holly J

    I love those pants, and the socks?!?? Got to nab those socks! They’re terrific! Such a great way to make an outfit more playful.

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