for the love of nike

an outfit for girls’ night out

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So- I know I said that I rarely dressed preppy in my last post. Well whoops! Here is a little more prep with my mom’s old letter sweater from the high school she went to in Iran. Underneath that is a silk top from Ann Taylor Loft, all pulled together with a belt from Anthropologie. The Nike sweet classic highs are some of my favorite shoes. They kinda have an old school flair, but they go with everything. The necklace I’m wearing is from Express, hat from Banana Republic, gloves from Target, and yes! I like to wear 2 watches at once! Oh! and check out my new plum Carhartt  wallet! I love it!

Some girlfriend’s and I wound up going out to eat at Cozy’s Noodles n’ Rice, a Thai restaurant in Wrigleyville. Walking in there is like transporting into a toy land in another galaxy. Hundreds and hundreds of trinkets lined the walls. It was a fun atmosphere, to say the least. We sat in the Mickey Mouse room, which was bordering on the side of creepy. (but I kinda liked it that way- ha!) The food was good and the surroundings kept us laughing.


  1. ralph_de

    I’ve been sort of an introvert-shut-in lately and don’t socialize much and have almost forgot about the natural artistic beauty that exists in our world. I enjoy seeing the things that I have been missing out on; through your eyes and your camera’s shutter and the artsy way you illustrate them has inspired me to make an effort to go out more. Thanks for sharing.

    • jennifermdarling

      Ralph! I’m so glad you like the blog- and I’m glad you’re wanting to get out there and experience things.
      You only have one life to live! It’s worth it to make the most of it!

  2. really a nice.photoshooot………..i mean i love the pics with lots o toys specially…….11 th one……………..nd by d way whats with d picture of dual watch….”resembling the time of past…nd future”

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