for the love of nike

won’t you be my valentine?

Nike Valentine

I felt like having a little fun with pink and red in honor of Valentine’s day. The red Nike shirt seemed fitting, along with my American apparel skirt and petticoat, grey Hue tights, and my purple Steve Madden boots. I’ve been representing Chicago on my keychain lately. And this felt like as good a day as any to wear crazy jewelry. The bracelet I’m wearing has my phone number on it for some reason… I guess just in case I forget it or want to give it away easily.DIY Valentines
DIY Valentines

DIY ValentinesOne of the reasons I like Valentine’s Day is that it’s an excuse to be crafty and decorate. Here are a few of the paintings and drawings I’ve done. There’s a little needlepoint for my soon to be born niece, Lily, a painting of my niece, Lauren, a drawing I did of a happy Nike, and a few quotes that I wrote out. I included a photo of  the process I went through on the large quote I wrote out on a canvas. It just took a old painting, a little masking tape, some paint, and India Ink. Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!!


  1. Evleen

    Do you use India Ink for all of your work? How do you apply it? I really like the look of it and your work. It is very clean but sexy. (If that makes any sense)

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