for the love of nike

I’m pretty certain we’re sole mates.

happy typeflowers


sole mate

sole mate

sole mate

what a dork


must haves

WALL-E pez

NIKE tattoo


the outfit

love letter finger nails

Valentine crafts


e.e. cummings

Well! It’s Valentine’s Day, folks, whether you love it or hate it.
I happen to love Valentine’s Day. To me, it feels like it’s just another excuse to be happy and colorful and excited.
I got a bouquet from my very favorite valentines (my parents).
The framed quote above is my gift for them. Don’t you just love presents?!
Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’m armed with candy (Pez and my WALL-E dispenser) and my favorite Dior Addict Ultra Gloss.
There’s a little addition to the soles of my Nikes in honor of this festive occasion.
And check out my new Nike tattoo. You can see it through the hole in my Gap Boyfriend jeans.
I did my nails last night–there are little love letters written out across them.
Then I started wrapping up all the Valentine’s crafts I made so that I could mail them out.
Check out the little zipper pouch I stitched. It reads “you are my funk.”
(The k wraps around to the opposite side.)
And the big finish is one of my favorite poems by E. E. Cummings.
Enjoy! and be happy!


  1. that a ‘wall-E’…n ur pic………..nd d poem is too awsome…………..i really like ur words…:-)………..hey m too little freaky about poems….must try….””

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