for the love of nike

the sideways mullet dress

wearing nike to a concert

wearing nike to a concert

wearing nike to a concert

wearing nike to a concert

wearing nike to a concert

wearing nike to a concert

wearing nike to a concert

wearing nike to a concert
Another trend taking the fashion world by storm is the mullet dress.
Love it or hate it, it will most likely stick around for a while just like the hairdo that originally inspired it.
For the most part, I’m onboard with the fad as long as it’s done right.
It’s easy for mullet dresses to look cheap and give the illusion of stumpy legs,
so I reserve the right to pass judgement on them in a case by case basis.

To switch things up a bit, I wore a twisted version of the mullet dress.
Instead of being a party in the front and business in the back, it’s party from one profile and business from the other.
The dress is by Haute Hippie and I paired it with a Pro Combat Nike sports bra.
(With a nod to Brandi Chastain for paving the way for sports bras to be exposed publicly.
It’s hilarious to think what a controversy that spurned. Some people really have their sports bras in a wad.)
The wallet I used that night is from KiNG FLY, which I strongly encourage you to check out for all sorts of leather goodies.

I wore this outfit to a Bloc Party concert at the Riviera in Chicago.
Nothing like a little sushi and some British indie rock on a Friday night.


  1. paperportraiture

    Hey there! Thanks a lot for following and liking my post 🙂 This site is really nice, one of the most original i’ve come by so far so congrats on that. love this post! i wear my sports bra in public….but only when im training hahaha. Never thought of actually going OUT in sports clothes, i guess cuz im in em too often. Following back cuz i like what you got going on here 🙂

  2. You know, I love the fact that you mix up athletic wear with your dress. I’ve always been looked on as a strange sort of creature. I’m a triathlete with a penchant for haute couture and mixing the two is a necessity. And accessorizing it all is fab! I think my next challenge is trying to make Vibram FiveFingers a part of a couture outfit.

    Difficult but not impossible!

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