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NYC love

Nike in NYC

Nike in NYC

Nike in NYC

Nike in NYC

Nike in NYC

Nike in NYC

Nike in NYC

Nike in NYC

Nike in NYC
New York is on all of our minds this week. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who’s been affected by Hurricane Sandy. NYC a great city filled with a resilient community. You’ve all proven yourselves time and time again. I was there a few weekends ago. It’s such an inspiring place with all the people, the sites, and the art. I know this is a rough time, but we’re all on your side. We love you, New York!


  1. emilyannfrances

    Your photos capture the city moods. I love the one with the chess player is waiting for someone to play the game. And thank you for your positive thoughts. I live in Brooklyn and subway service from my area only goes to downtown Brooklyn. Con Ed might have power back this weekend so more people will be able to commute. The cleanup is very slow. No garbage collection yet (yuck) but neighbors are all doing their part to clean up branches and leaves.

    • Sending well wishes your way. I hope things are better for you and your community.
      I’m trying to get back out to NY soon. I want to do some stories on the awesome women working the relief for my other blog.
      I’m blown away by how resilient everyone in NY is… just blown away. So inspiring.

  2. There was a UHaul truck rented by some guy in my town at the local Safeway so I am going to donate some used clothing and some groceries to the victims. Wishing the best for everyone out in the city and hope for a speedy recovery.

  3. teresanicoleviole

    Thank you so much for following Glitter & Ribbons~* and liking my post! I really appreciate it! I love your photos from Seattle! It seems like such a beautiful city. I’ve always wanted to visit. I would feel so at home. I’m a Starbucks addict. ❤

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