for the love of nike


  1. Shawn Flaherty

    Thanks for following my blog!

    I saw the guy with the dog when I was in Seattle a few days ago. I had to do a double take to make sure of what I had seen.

    Seattle is a great place and I will be going back very soon.

  2. Really love your images here & hope to visit Seattle soon. Can you share how you accomplish these images? Love the cool texture & feeling they evoke. Thanks for following ” Where Food & Fashion Collide”

  3. Love all the pictures! Yea, someone who posts more pictures at one time than I do… LOL. I love the differences in textures, colors and styles.
    PS~ Thanks for stopping by my blog recently for a visit. I appreciate your time so much! 😀

  4. Wow…what a gorgeous montage of photos — makes me want to hop a plane to Seattle. Love all the color and it’s ironic since I think of Seattle as being more full of grays and blues. Thanks for sharing and thank you for following Travel Oops! Steph

  5. Hey first of all all of these pictures are awesome and the sheer volume of interesting and unique photographs you took in one visit astounds me. Secondly you have an amazing eye for photography and often an extremely unique perspective. My favorite picture here was probably the one of the man with the leaf blower. Something about how he and the leaves both look locked in stasis despite their obvious motion is enchanting. However even more amazing than this is the expression on the man’s face. It is rather ambiguous, and I can’t tell whether its sadness, extreme indifference, or just exhaustion. Maybe its a mixture of all three, or something completely different, but I find trying to decode it extremely fascinating.

    Anyways, carry on with your cool photography, looking forward to future posts!

  6. You definitely have your own personal way of looking at things which you find around you. I would say its creation of something with the tools you posses and turning the every day, sad reality into a totally different prospective of looking at it. Very creative. I guess, you have to have a lot of patience and time doing it !!!

  7. Jennifer, darling – please check out Running from Love – my latest book about two runners from rival track clubs who fall in love. Not a lot of direct sneaker talk, but a lot of running and relationship talk. Running from Love by Rozsa Gaston at Thank you for enjoying “Rich People.” I do too!

  8. Great photos and I love the shoe shots! Although I’m not a sneakerhead, I enjoy taking photos of randomly found shoes (and sometimes I find my feet in them) when I’m out and about in the wide and wonderful universe. It’s good to step out into experience!

  9. klsprout

    I really enjoyed seeing all those pics! I, too, will only wear Nike sneakers. Although I think you own quite a few more pairs than I do!

  10. Stephen James

    Hi Jennifer. I like your gritty (makes sense for sneakers–we call them ‘runners’ in Australia) photos. Thanks for the like and the follow. Thought you might like a music video by a Brooklyn band called ‘Friends’ I have nothing to do with them but they recreate an urban ’80s feel that I think is cool (Hope link works, otherwise you could just Youtube it yourself).

  11. Wow, outstanding job with the pics. You have quite a gift, don’t you? I see you managed to make it to the original Starbucks store. To my knowledge, it’s the only one that shows the mermaid’s fully nude body.

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