for the love of nike

yippyity-do-day-day it’s Independence Day!

Nike Fourth of July

Nike Fourth of July

Nike Fourth of July

STARS AND STRIPES! What are you wearing to show your American pride today?
I kicked it anti-colonial style and stitched this flag together for the back of one of my Carhartt vests.
Very patriotic, I must say, paired with my Gap Cami Dress and my Liberty Sky Highs.
(Also let it be known that I can’t say the words Independence Day without thinking of Will Smith..)
See how to make your own flag vest HERE!


  1. snapshot71

    Hi! Thanks so much for liking, and following my new blog! I appreciate that!
    I must say that your blog here is quite colorful, and full of energy (if that makes sense).
    I’m an Adidas guy, myself…(no hate, please…lol)….but really, you have an amazing way to showcase your collection! Great job!

  2. Love what you did with your vest. I have one of those hats? Hair net pieces? Whatever you call them. I am going to a wedding this month and thought about wearing it but it doesn’t look quite as good one me and I don’t think I am brave enough to wear it. It was my grandmothers and I would love to use it at least once.

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