for the love of nike

googly for Guggenheim

I’m always looking for a connection between art and fashion. It gives the statement of your outfit purpose. The Italian Futurism collection at the Guggenheim was the perfect place to merge my love for art and shoes of the sneaker variety. Futurism was a movement in Italy in the early 20th century. Concepts of the future, speed, youth, technology, and violence were glorified. In hopes of portraying the recent changes in society, forceful lines and conflicts of planes are typical of the period. You may also notice the distinct treatment of colors. There is a good deal of gradients in these masterpieces, which brings me to the little wonders on my feet. Take a close look at my new Roshe Runs. Note the gradient (what we call the hombre trend today) that slowly fades from grey to turquoise.
How cool is it that I was wearing a bit of Futurism on my feet as I walked around New York City? I couldn’t help but see the buildings start to turn topsy turvy as I saw the Manhattan skyline or the waterfall cascading down the canvas as little figures popped out in the splashes. Challenge yourself to see how fashion draws from art and vice versa.


  1. Thanks for the images. Some great stuff. I don’t know much about futurism, aside from Balla, who’s awesome. And I don’t know much about fashion. If I had my way I’d never wear anything but a T-shirt and jeans. But the photo you posted showing the Futurist Manifesto made me want to read the whole thing. It’s really an amazing, visionary document, but also pretty scary. The obsession with violence is disturbing. I was also freaked out by this statement. “Museums, cemeteries! Truly identical in their sinister juxtaposition of bodies that do not know each other.” Thank God nobody made him minister of culture.

    • You’re so right! it was really disturbing too… It makes you wonder why they considered violence to be on par with technology and the future…. scary. And thanks for sharing your thoughts. Good things to think about.

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