DIY camera filters

DIY camera filters / for the love of nike

There are a lot of times that I don’t want to use my “fancy” camera. But when you’re used to the quality of a picture taken by a 5D, the typical iphone photo feels inadequate. My quick fix for that problem is to make the photo my own with an artistic twist. This go round I figured I would make my own camera filters that could be used with a disposable camera or even an iphone. I cut a small hole in the center of a few yogurt lids. The circle needs to be a little bit bigger than the lens of the camera you will be using. Then I used different objects I found around my apartment that would obstruct the camera’s view. To use the filter, simply hold the lid of to the front of your camera so that the lens is looking through the center of hole. Take the photo and don’t be too rigid about the result. The end goal is to add an abstract and random element to a photograph. Some of your photos will be terrible, but ever so often you’ll get a happy accident that is truly lovely.
Why don’t you give it a try? What other objects could you use to obscure your image?