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hello, London, my old friend

I’ve been lucky enough to go to London on several occasions. Without fail, I always forget how easy it is to walk 10 miles a day while you’re exploring. It’s a huge city. In the US, big cities are extremely vertical and squished together (unless you’ve been in LA too long). London, like many European cities, is on the short side and super spread out.

This stay in London was filled with rest and visiting friends. I also happened to catch an Anthony Jeselnik show right around the corner from the very odd hotel I stayed in (The W in Leicester Square). Scroll through some quick snaps I capture on my daily walks with my 50mm lens.

for the love of nike in Londonfor the love of nike in Londonfor the love of nike in Londonfor the love of nike in Londonfor the love of nike in Londonfor the love of nike in London

for the love of nike in Londonfor the love of nike in Londonfor the love of nike in London

for the love of nike in Londonfor the love of nike in Londonfor the love of nike in London

for the love of nike in Londonfor the love of nike in Londonfor the love of nike in Londonfor the love of nike in Londonfor the love of nike in London

for the love of nike in London

What are you favorite things to do in London? I need some tips for my next trip that are off the beaten path.

Want to see my past trips to London? Check out these touristy shots. 


  1. It’s a great place to visit, but is currenty in the grips of an appalling housing crisis. We’ve been blighted by a decade of austerity here, too, so it’s really not a fun place to live right now – the whole of England. But, not wishing to be too miserable, London is well worth a tourism trip.

  2. I just loved walking around London during our recent trip in September! It’s super easy to rack up a lot of miles around that city. I can understand how the housing crisis makes it difficult for residents though. I could tell by the AirBnB’s we used when we were there that there is a housing crisis – very tiny spaces go for a fairly steep rate. But it was totally worth it, and I would go again. Love your photos!

  3. When I worked in England ‘88-‘92, west of London, we’d take the train into the city Saturday morning and go to a little ticket booth in Leiceister Square where we’d queue (British for line up) for last minute tickets to a Saturday matinee or evening show like Cats or Starlight Express. Dunno if they still sell them there. Grrrrreat city for theater, not unlike NYC.

    • That’s so fun! I’m not sure if they still have them either, but it did seem like there were several theaters in the area. I saw a comedy show nearby on one of the more quiet streets. With all the new builds in the area like the giant M&M store, it reminded me of Times Square–and it was just as crowded!

  4. I saw your photo at The Old Mitre so if you’ve explored Clerkenwell/Hatton Garden then you’ve already got away from the main touristy areas; it’s one of my favourite haunts so I’m glad you’ve found it. Try going a bit further east past Liverpool St station into Spitalfields. You’d probably like Denis Severs’ House in Folgate Street, and Brick Lane – but avoid all the Jack the Ripper tours you might see, they’re a big rip-off.

    Really good photos btw. Just a 50mm lens? Shows you don’t need all the expensive gadgets to get some striking shots.

    • Ah! Thank you for the advice. I’ll be headed back to London in a few weeks and I’ll definitely do my best to explore beyond Liverpool St. Station. I just google Brick Lane–how cool! It’s crazy I’d never heard of that area before.
      And I love the 50mm lens. It’s such a little powerhouse lens!

  5. Great photos! You’ve captured the city I love beautifully. I totally agree that it’s super easy to walk several miles in a single day when you’re exploring London. One of my favourite things to do is literally getting lost in London, something I try to do every now and then. It’s amazing what you discover when you’re wandering around without a particular destination in mind. Next time I’ll remember to take some shots!

  6. Nice post, and you’re so right about the walking! I travel to London occasionally for work, and recently, I got 17,000 steps after leaving work at 5 PM. It is just so easy to walk and walk – and keep on walking. I discovered the two Toulouse Lautrec jazz club on my most recent trip, and I also love Highgate Cemetery. You might give those a try on your next trip. The cemetery is excellent for photos and the jazz at the club is both hot and cool at the same time. 😊

  7. Hey, Jennifer. Enjoyed this post from you on our beloved London. I’ve been here for so long, yet i always find a new spot London hid from me…. when i just start walking. Loved your photos as well. thank you for sharing. I’m officially inviting you to my blog – where you can find more recommendations for the next time you visit London. Best of luck – Osman

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