3 Reasons to Visit Dubrovnik (besides being a GOT fan)

As you’ve seen in my last few posts, I spent a good bit of time in Dubrovnik. It was the first stop on a Croatian road trip I took a few years back. Here are a few snaps and thoughts before leaving the city.

1.) Dubrovnik is for foodies.

from fish paste, to crni rižot (risotto blackened by cuttlefish ink), to outstanding wine, the endless supply of truffles, or olives straight from the chef’s yard

2.) Dubrovnik is for architecture admirers.

As one of the most amazingly preserved medieval cities in all of Europe,
it’s hard to beat this kind of sightseeing.
Exploring Dubrovnik / for the love of nike / Jennifer Martinez Conway
Exploring Dubrovnik / for the love of nike / Jennifer Martinez Conway

3.) In Croatia, life bursts at the city seams. Growatia would be a more fitting name.

Olive trees and brilliant “weed” covered walkways, accompanied by lots of stray cats.

Now, it’s time to bid farewell to Dubrovnik.
Next stop, Split!

The stunning drive only takes about 3 hours. Whether you travel along the coastline to stop at a seaside wineries, like Rizman Rest Raba pictured above, or you drive inland on their brand new highway, complete with animal crossways and mountain ranges.

Also, please stop at a fruit stand along your route.
You can buy some of the best (and cheapest) olive oil you’ve ever tasted!

Stay tuned to see what Split is all about.