Technicolor Patrika Gate

Let’s keep the Jaipur tour going…

Situated in the middle of the world’s largest (and most colorful) traffic circle, Jawahar, you’ll find Patrika Gate. Unlike most sites in India, Patrika Gate is young. Built in only 2016.

The nine different arched entrances depict the 9 regions of Rajasthan.
Walk inside the pink structure and you’ll find the most colorful paintings.

The structure was designed by Anoop Barataria, an architect in Rajasthan.

Patrika Gate one of Jaipur’s main attractions. And it gets meta, covered in paintings of the rest of Jaipur’s main attractions. (like Vrihat Samrat Yantra pictured above) From battles scenes to paintings of famous structures and other historical tidbits, the walls are drenched in all that defines Jaipur.

Patrika Gate / for the love of nike

colorful shoes for
the most colorful gate
in the most colorful country

In Rajasthan, color is important. It’s used to define the royal cities of the region:

Patrika Gate was built by and named after the Patrika group of Newspapers.
Talk about naming rights!

I’m not sure how accurate this is, but our guide told us all the paint is made from vegetable dyes.

Pretty incredible, and just plain pretty.