for the love of nike

3 concerts, 2 nights, 1 pair of sneaks

Music and Nike!Music and Nike!Music and Nike!Music and Nike!

I’m a firm believer that the sneaker wedge is the perfect concert-going shoe.
It’s comfortable and gives you a few inches of lift to see above the people standing in front of you.
All you short girls know what I’m talking about. and VIVA CHICAGO! a wonderland of concerts and live music!


  1. HOW WAS MUSE?! 🙂 What a creative blog. Like no other I’ve come across. You deserve lots of attention on wordpress, but also in life…I used to write for the foot and ankle surgeons, and they would be very happy to know how much you promote sensible footwear to shore up the entire body’s activities all day long. Did you know the feet have 1/3 of the bones in the body? Oh, and thanks for coming by my eat play move blog, too! Faithfully Yours, from Chicagoland

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