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The Kimball - for the love of nike The Kimball - for the love of nike The Kimball - for the love of nike The Kimball - for the love of nike The Kimball - for the love of nike The Kimball - for the love of nike The Kimball - for the love of nike The Kimball - for the love of nike The Kimbell - for the love of nikeThe Kimball - for the love of nike The Kimball - for the love of nike
The Kimbell in Fort Worth, Texas is on of my favorite museums. I’m a Michelangelo freak, so that might explain it. A few years ago, The Kimbell acquired The Torment of Saint Anthony. It is supposedly Michelangelo’s first painting. You can see it above– depicting an old guy being attacked by a buncha demons. How cool is that? In college, I would drive to Fort Worth just to see it again and again. It made me feel that much closer to good ol’ Mike. Pictured above are a few detail shots from a few other masterpieces in The Kimbell’s collection. In order of appearance: Ideal Head of a Woman by Antonio Canova, Interior of Buurkerk by Pieter Jansz. Saenredam, Shoki Ensnaring a Demon in a Spiderweb by Soga Shohaku, Christ the Redeemer by Tullio Lombardo, Woman Addressing the Public: Project for a Monument by Joan Miró, Portrait of Heriberto Casany by Joan Miró, Four Figures on a Step by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, Composition by Mondrian, The Supper at Emmaus by Jacopo Bassano, The Torment of Saint Anthony by Michelangelo, Girls on the Pier by Munch, and The Apostle Saint James the Greater Freeing the Magician Hermogenes by Fra Angelico.
Which one of the painting above is your favorite?

(dress: Gap, vest: Free People, shoes: Nike Tokyo Fashion Week Sky Hi Sneaker Wedges) 


  1. Nice to see you visiting a museum just as much as I do. I’m not just because of the images like in a museum, but mainly because of the tranquility that one often finds there. It makes me unlikely a lot of fun to wander through the rooms and to look at the stuff. No rushing or running in a museum (well, maybe some bored children but since it is fine). The rooms are empty and give the visitor any freedom to move. One of my favorite painters is Munch, a few years ago I saw a big show of it in the “Hamburger Kunsthalle”. It was really great because there hung his “Madonna” in the original.

    • I totally agree with you about the feeling of tranquility. My childhood home had a lot of white walls filled with beautiful art, so I feel very at home in that kind of setting. In one of the photos above, my niece Lily is walking hand in hand with my parents. I think she loved her visit. Much is really great. I live in Chicago, and The Scream is in the Art Institute here. So that’s cool! Thanks so much for stopping by! love hearing your feedback.

  2. awesomesportslogos

    Museums are awesome and Fort Worth is an amazing place. Right down the street is the Modern Museum of Art which is tremendous. Awesome pictures. As a DFW based company, thanks for giving Fort Worth props!

  3. Hello, Jennifer. Those are some very cool photos taken at The Kimbell! The Kimbell currently has an exhibit on loan from The Art Institute of Chicago. A really cool Balthus painting and some very cool Dali paintings, as well. I’m sure they’re very familiar to you. Cheers! From Fort Worth.

      • I’ve been twice to the exhibit. Once by myself, and a second time with my niece. Unfortunately, when I went with my niece it was a bit crowded (the second day after Christmas). But, when I went by myself, I pretty much had the whole exhibit to myself. It was awesome!

  4. Cool photos, of both the museum and the art. I’ve never been to the Kimball. It looks like a great space. The Munch is my favorite image. I have to say I’m more partial to modern art, though I’m learning to appreciate the older stuff.

  5. An interesting glimpse of the Kimball Museum. I like the Torment picture by Michelangelo as well. I have never seen this picture before. The wonderful demons remind me of Hieronymous Bosch figures. Bosch is one of my favorite painters. Marvellous to see this fantasy work from so long ago! Thanks for the insight into the Kimball.

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