how to be a relatively bad sneakerhead

For years I’ve felt great distress over the trends I’ve seen in the sneakerhead community glorifying consumerism. I made time to sit and think about the other worrying traits in this beloved subculture. I came up with a 6 new rules to implement in my own life, in an effort to put the environment above my petty wants.

As the US burns around us in record measure–it sure makes having another pair of shoes feel like a low priority. So…

…try incorporating simple tactics into your every day:

Before you buy, take a step back and evaluate what you need versus what you want.

for the love of nike / how to be a bad sneakerhead

Fast fashion has taken a toll on the planet. Don’t buy cheap clothes or shoes that will only last for a short period of time, and then wind up in a landfill.

for the love of nike / how to be a bad sneakerhead

Be a true sneakerhead and make your shoes last as long as possible. You want to get every mile you can out of each pair.

If you want to be a terrible sneakerhead like me, then follow these 6 commandments.

Do you have a tenet to add to to my set of six commandments?
Comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.