The best sneakers I’ve ever worn are the perfect inspiration to NOT BUY ANYTHING AT ALL this Black Friday

Y’all, these 10+ year old Sweet Classic Highs are the absolute best shoes I’ve ever had.

  • They’ve been all over the world with me.
  • The leather beauts are a constant source of inspiration.
  • They’ve endured countless Lollapaloozas.
  • I wore them on the longest hike I’ve ever taken (to Trolltunga in Norway).
  • I bring them on most of my shoots for Carhartt, into the wilderness of American farmlands to rugged worksites across the country.
  • No matter what, they’ve survived the grungiest of conditions.

As I do my best to buy less, I find it helpful to look at what you have with gratitude. I don’t want to simply throw out items that have served me well. I want to find a way to repair and renew. It may be cheaper and easier to replace things, but what if that wasn’t your go to option anymore? What would you try to give new life?

Let’s do what we can to avoid being the dystopian society who proclaims,

“Ending is better than mending.”

― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

As I closely examine my favorite sneakers, I see the wear and tear. I think it may be time to resole them so they can continue to see future adventures. Have you guys ever resoled a sneaker? I stumbled across Good & Services, based out of Los Angeles, and their work is beautiful!

Until I figure out the next steps for my beloved Sweet Classics, here’s a walk down memory lane:

This Black Friday, I urge you not buy anything at all.

If you do find yourself with actual needs, shop small and look for things that will last. Use your purchases as a voice. Let companies know you want less and you expect more of the products you do buy.