The World’s First NikeTown

For about 12 rainy hours, I enjoyed one of Europe’s favorite summer getaways.
But it wasn’t summer and it wasn’t sunny.

However, in no way did that prevent me from enjoying the beautiful beach town of Nice, France.

The soaking wet streets reminded me of Paris.

Sure, it looks wonderfully old and quaint. But Nice is old, and by old, I mean it was one one of the first known archeological sites that showed the use of fire, flints, and house construction.

World’s 1st NikeTown:
It’s believed the city was founded by the Greeks in 350 BC, originally given the name Níkaia, after Nike, the goddess of victory.

Nice is a haven for tourists. Apparently, that’s been the case for quite some time. Up to 400,000 years ago, transient cave-dwellers made the journey to the region each year to hunt wooly mammoths.

Exploring Nice, France / for the love of nike / Jennifer Martinez Conway

After a sprinkley night out on the town, I woke up early to watch the sun peak through the clouds. But the gloomy weather returned by the time my feet hit the rocky shore.

stream stone beaches are the perfect beaches

The Promenade des Anglais, which translates to Promenade of the English, stretches across 5 miles of Nice’s shore. It was built by British aristocrats in 1820, when they had a particularly brutal winter back home.

These brilliant blue chairs are known around the world as a symbol of Nice.

They date back to the 1950s, when they were created by Charles Tordo as a lounging spot for rent. However, they were so beloved that people began stealing them. Now you’ll find them welded together along the promenade.

Exploring Nice, France / for the love of nike / Jennifer Martinez Conway

Phare de Nice : Nice Lighthouse

And there you have it: Nice, the world’s first NikeTown in all her radiant glory.