Welcome to French Hollywood!

Cannes, once a tiny fishing village named for its reedy shore,
is now a grand stage of competition for film makers ’round the world.

The commune is most known for the film festivals they hold every year:

1.) Cannes Film Festival
2.) Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

But this picturesque city has more to offer than cinema alone.

We happened to visit with friends, and it was such fun.

Le Grand Carrousel

As you wander the streets, be sure to look up. Architectural and artistic details are too many to count. The busts below remind me of my personal favorite use of human figures in structural support, the Porch of the Caryatids in Athens.

While palms are sprinkled everywhere in Cannes, they weren’t introduced to the region until the late 1800s, brought over by Spain from the Canary Islands. The Palme d’Or (translated to Golden Palm) is the highest prize to be won at the Cannes Film Festival.

“Every year there’s a jury at the Cannes Film Festival. Getting on the jury is very competitive in France. Not because the French love cinema, but because they love to judge.”

-Craig Ferguson

After sharing a few too many bottles of wine, here’s my friend making questionable decisions:

How many Americans over 6 feet tall can fit into a French doorway? Two, the answer is two.

Can you spot the man enjoying a beautiful morning with a cup of coffee and a newspaper?

Cannes is known for its luxury hotels like the Carlton, the Majestic, and JW Marriott. But I was beyond excited to stay in the Martinez Hotel. (That’s my last name!)

Insane Cannes hotel facts:

  • In 1931, Karan Singh, the prince of Jammu and Kashmire, was born at the Martinez.
  • A jewel heist of over $136 gems and jewelry occurred at the Carlton in 2013.