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sunless Seattle

Seattle Sneakers Seattle Sneakers Seattle Sneakers Seattle Sneakers Seattle Sneakers
Last week I went to Seattle for a couple of days. What a great city! And what a great place for a night stroll, as long as you stay dry and warm. I wandered around Pike Place Market for a bit. Did you know it opened in 1907? That makes it one of the oldest public farmer’s markets in the US. It’s also home of the first Starbucks. So that’s cool– I guess. There will be more pictures soon!


  1. dominicgomez

    Hope you love Seattle as much as you love Nikes! I’ve been living here since 2003 after moving from the City (San Francisco) where I was born and raised. Still getting used to the different climate and quality of light, but when it’s nice here, it’s really nice.

  2. MissMangue

    After following your blog for a while, I’ve realized that I need a good camera. Your blog is great, and your photos are brilliant. Thank you for your inspiration and your nike love.

  3. If you were here before this weekend, you must’ve been in Seattle on the most beautiful few days of the week. The past weekend was three days straight of heavier-than-the-usual-sprinkles of rain! I know sneaker city has always been there, but after seeing it on this blog I got the realization, “oh yeah! it’s all sneakers!”. Looking forward to your other great pics in Seattle. I live in Belltown near zee holy great Space Needle 🙂

  4. HOLY SMOKES YOUR BLOG IS SO SICK. thanks for the follow, i’m so glad i found your stuff. definitely inspired to wear more sneakers. you’re a radical babe.

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