for the love of nike

ohhh! That’s why it’s called Venice.

To the west of Los Angeles lies the vibrant beachfront neighborhood of Venice. For many years, it was an independent city–until merging with LA in the 1920s. Today, it’s home to many artists, mystics, performers, and folks hoping to live close to the city center. It’s eclectic and terrifically odd. Walking the promenade along the ocean feels like you’re at a circus and an art show, all in one.

For the first time, I got the chance to wander around the interior streets of the area. To be perfectly honest, I felt a bit silly being unaware of the canal district–that’s why they call it Venice. DUH!

Venice was established in the early 1900s as a resort town by some tobacco millionaire. The land was marshy, so he dug canals that could be turned into residential real estate. For a while, Venice thrived. It was like an amusement park for the people of Southern California. People flocked to the attractions on the weekends.

However, once the founder, Abbot Kinney, passed away, things started going downhill. After decades of being overlooked by the city of Los Angeles, Venice earned itself a terrible reputation as the “Slum of the Sea.” Violence and poverty reeked havoc. It’s hard to gloss over the segregation, gang activity, influx of immigrants looking for low rent, police raids, and eventual gentrification of the neighborhood. Homes there now cost millions and millions of dollars. (Much like the Hobbit-like house pictured below, going for nearly $3,000,000!)

That being said, Venice is an insane tickler of the senses. It’s vibrant in the best ways and definitely worth a visit.

Venice, California / for the love of nikeVenice, California / for the love of nikeVenice, California / for the love of nikeVenice, California / for the love of nike

Venice, California / for the love of nikeVenice, California / for the love of nikeVenice, California / for the love of nikeVenice, California / for the love of nikeVenice, California / for the love of nikeVenice, California / for the love of nikeVenice, California / for the love of nikeArtwork by Jennifer Martinez Conway / for the love of nike

Since I forgot to snap a few shots of my sneakers on this Venice-Adventure, I thought I’d get a little more artistic, in true Venice-Fashion, and and draw them for y’all.

If you’re interested in more posts about the LA area, check this out…or this.


  1. Thanks for writing about Venice’s complicated history. It’s one of my favorite places in LA, but it’s gone through a lot of traumatic changes. In recent years, as tech companies moved in, prices have soared, forcing out many small businesses and low-income renters. And as it’s become a popular spot for short-term rentals, landlords have been kicking out tenants to convert apartments to hotel rooms. The owner of the Ellison, a 50-unit building near the beach, is trying to force the few remaining tenants out so that he can finish converting the building to a hotel.
    But Venice is still beautiful. I was there with a friend earlier this summer, and it was great to spend the afternoon just hanging out. Still unlike any other place I know.

      • Same thing New Orleans. The people who make the city what is — Mardi Gras Indians, social societies, musicians — no longer can afford to live in the city because of money from elsewhere. Gentrification has a bad edge to it.

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    Hello Jenniferm,
    Your article is great. And the pics in this article are very beautiful. I want to go check it out now. Coz i want to see this beauty place as soon as possible.

  5. Francesca Julian Tan

    Thanks for sharing these pretty homes. I’ve been Los Angeles probably 3 times now and I’m not sure if I’ve been to Venice but I took a walk in some very pretty housing estates. Some of it are so huge. And it stood out to me how drastically different our housings are (USA vs Singapore). Majority of us live in condominiums like this, Affinity At Serangoon , a typical mid range condo whereas you guys have an actual house, front yard etc. It’s envious.

    • What interesting insight. I’ve never been to Singapore, but I would love to visit some day. I’ve heard such great things. In the US, many people do have houses with yards. But there are many who live in apartments as well. Usually when people live inside larger cities. Thank you so much for stopping by. I enjoyed hearing from you!

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  7. Rimaresidence

    Who would ever think of a canal area creeping up on a vibrant city like Los Angeles? Well, not to go far but to check out its beach view neighborhood aptly named Venice where the structures are lined up along the waterfront depiction of the actual Italian city.

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